Android Programming Course Offered in Summer 2017

The Department of Computer Science at Lamar University is excited to offer an online summer course in Android programming.  The introductory course is available for students with basic skills in Java or C++ programming and is taught by Dr. Timothy Roden, Associate Professor of Computer Science.  The course coincides with a new initiative by the Department to offer more courses in mobile application development.  The course starts on June 5 and runs for 10 weeks.  It is available for both Lamar students and students from other universities who would like to learn basic skills in Android programming.  Topics in the course include user interface design, graphics, games, user input techniques and audio programming.  The Android operating system powers over 80% of smartphones worldwide and opportunities for Android developers and new graduates with Android skills are plentiful.  For example, job hosting site recently listed over 1,000 positions for Android developers.  Dr. Roden has taught Android programming since 2009 at two different universities and has worked as both a researcher and author of Android applications.  Students enrolled in the course will create Android applications that are able to run on a physical Android device and a PC-based emulator.  This means that students do not necessarily need to own an Android device in order to register for the course.  For more information, current Lamar students can contact Dr. Roden at  Students from other universities should contact the Lamar Admissions office about registering for summer courses.

Computer Science Department announces project to create the Avatar-based Virtual Campus of Lamar University

Posted On: 9/18/2015 8:44:00 PM
The Department of Computer Science is excited to announce a new student project to create the Avatar-based Virtual Campus of Lamar University. This project is supported by the Department of Computer Science and the Center for Innovation and Commercialization Entrepreneurship. This platform provides a virtual look for Lamar Campus with buildings of interest.  Read More