History and Culture Lecture Series

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Center Fellows

Center for History and Culture Fellowships

Request for Proposals

The Center for History and Culture (CHC) invites applications, both Lamar and non-Lamar, for up to two fellowship positions that are open to Lamar and non-Lamar candidates. The Center is an interdisciplinary, multi-cultural center promoting the creation, preservation, and transmission of knowledge—broadly conceived--about the region of Southeast Texas and the Upper Gulf Coast. Through public engagement, especially the production of high quality publications, creative exhibits and cultural performances; sponsorship of lectures and symposia; development of innovative curriculum; and support of faculty and students in their focused research, the Center strives to be the historical and cultural hub that tells the story of the area.

Working in tandem with the Center’s Director, Dr. Mary L. Scheer, two Center Fellows will be chosen to contribute to the programming of the Center. Their one-year Fellowship will represent the highest honor of distinction. Fellows will be expected to produce high quality outcomes (publications, lectures, creative activity, etc.), which address important problems and/or enhance the historical/cultural understanding of the region in areas such as energy, history, art, music, literature, environment, society, government and others. They will also give a lecture/exhibition/performance to invited guests, faculty, and the community, as well as students. For their service, Lamar Fellows will be given up to a $5,000 grant to cover their related expenses and a one semester 25% teaching load reduction. Non-Lamar fellows will receive a $5,000 grant. If warranted, Fellows may apply for an additional year.

Criteria for Lamar Fellows:

  1. Full-time tenured or tenure-track Lamar faculty with at least one year of full time service to receive funding.
  2. Endowed chair holders and administrators above the level of chair are ineligible.
  3. Faculty may not hold more than one fellowship at a time.
  4. Only applicants with “adequate performance and merit” or higher on the F2.08s are eligible.
  5. Evidence of professional accomplishments in discipline.

Criteria for Non-Lamar Fellows:

  1. Record of professional accomplishments in discipline.
  2. Evidence of a commitment for a high quality outcome (ie. book contract, upcoming exhibition/performance, developmental leave from another institution, etc.)  

The deadline for applications is March 24, 2017. For more information about the Center please visit  Please send your application electronically to Dr. Mary L. Scheer, Fellowship recipients will be announced April 21, 2017.

Fellow Application Documents

Voices Program

The Voices Program is a Collection of Oral Histories of Southeast Texas and the region broadly conceived.

Special Events

The Center proposes to spearhead the upcoming Centennial of Lamar University (South Park Jr. College) in 2023.  The 100th anniversary celebration will “tell the university’s story”—its history, traditions, contributions, and legacy--utilizing materials (yearbooks, correspondence, newspapers, etc.) archived in the library.   The celebration will take the form of lecture events, exhibits, student activities, and perhaps even a time capsule for the next 100 years.


* Information provided at a later date.


The Center would support student internships and research projects related to its mission and core focus on Energy in collaboration with the Spindletop Gladys City Boomtown Museum, the Dishman Art Museum, and others.