Awards and Grants

Student Awards

Research prizes for graduate and undergraduate students for topics related to the Center and its mission.  One prize already in place is the Dr. Andrew J and Betty H Johnson Editor’s Prize for the best paper on the history of Southeast Texas and the Gulf region, managed by the editor of the The Texas Gulf Historical and Biographical Record, now housed in the History Department. Other multi-disciplinary awards will be established.  In addition, awards will be given through the Office of Undergraduate Research (O.U.R.).

Hasse Conference, fall 2016, research awards:

  1. Miroslava Zendajas, Dept .of Criminal Justice, Mentor Dr. Robert Worley, "A Qualitative Assessment of Substance Abuse Patterns of Inmates in a Correctional Facility within South East Texas"
  2. Jenny Wilson, Dept. of English and Modern Languages, Mentor Dr. Sara Hillin, "The Psychology of Southern Literature: Genetic Memory, Attributions, and Grits"
  3. Ismatara Reena and Amani Jawah, Dept of Educational Leadership, Mentor Dr. Kenneth Young, "An Equity Audit of a Regional University Writing Center's Services to International Students"

2016-2017 Research Grant Recipient:

Caitlin McAlister, Dept. of History, Mentor Dr. Bryan Proksch, "Sousa's Correspondence and Business Papers"