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Sociology, Social Work and; Criminal Justice is a multidisciplinary department, consisting of four academic programs: SociologyAnthropologySocial Work and Criminal Justice. Each has its own unique mission.

The common general mission of the four programs is to provide high-quality education through baccalaureate programs in Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice, Master's in Applied Criminology, and a minor in Anthropology.

All programs emphasize excellence in instruction, research and scholarship, professional development, university and community service, and the preparation of students for graduate and/or professional education.



Students graduating with a degree in Sociology have established careers in law, public health, education, government, urban planning, human resources, public relations, management, politics, media, human rights organizations, environmental advocacy groups and other non-profit organizations.

Social Work

Students graduating with a degree in Social Work find careers in a wide range of social service agencies covering foster care, child protection, adult services, services for elderly, mental health, counseling, hospice, and other service-related areas

Criminal Justice

Students graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice find careers in law, law enforcement, corrections, court staff, and other positions in the criminal justice system.