Social Work Courses (SOWK)

2361 Introduction to Social Work

An overview of the knowledge, values, skills, and fields for generalist practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Social work intervention with diverse populations and populations at risk in various fields of practice is emphasized within the context of the history and development of the profession of social work and the social welfare institution.  Volunteer component included.

2371 Survey of the Social Welfare Institution

History of social work and social welfare institution with emphasis on the current structure of social welfare.  The course examines the social welfare institution's response to those in need, especially the vulnerable members of society.  Examination of the major social welfare policies and programs which impact all members of society.

3300 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

This is the first of two courses presenting theories and research on human behavior in the social environment from ecological systems, strengths and empowerment perspectives. The reciprocal relationship and impact of the family, community, and society on human behavior and development throughout the life cycle will be explored, with emphasis on birth through adolescence.
Co-requisite: SOWK 3310 for majors.

3310 Social Work Practice I

First in a three course practice sequence. A strengths / empowerment approach utilized for multi-levels of intervention with a focus on the knowledge, values and skills for culturally sensitive practice with diverse populations and populations at risk.  Emphasis on the profession's value orientations as reflected in the NASW Code of Ethics.
Pre-requisite: SOWK 2361, 2371.Co-requisite: SOWK 3300

3320 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

Continuation of SOWK 3300. Focus: Young adulthood through later adulthood.
Pre-requisite: SOWK 3300.Co-requisite: SOWK 3330

3330 Social Work Practice II

Second in a three course generalist practice sequence.  This course utilizes systems / ecological systems, empowerment and strengths perspectives to provide the knowledge, values, and skills necessary for practice with individuals, families, and groups in the context of cultural diversity and the need for culturally sensitive practice.
Pre-requisite: SOWK 3310.Co-requisite: SOWK 3320.

3340 Social Welfare Policy and Administration

Analysis of social welfare policy at local, state, national, and international levels.  Emphasis on the analysis of the impact of social welfare policy on society and vulnerable populations.  The course stresses the effects of policy upon social services, social work practice and the profession's role of advocacy for policy change.
Pre-requisite:  SOWK 2361

3350 Social Work Practice III

Third practice course in the sequence, this course covers the generalist perspective for social work practice with focus on assessment and intervention with organizations and communities.  Emphasis on developing, analyzing, advocating and providing leadership for policies and services.  Course includes content on administration and supervision in social service agencies.
Pre-requisite: SOWK 3330.

3360 Promotion of Social and Economic Justice

From a socio-historical perspectives, students acquire knowledge and understanding of how prejudice and discrimination contribute to social and economic inequality, oppression, and social injustices as experienced by diverse cultural groups and populations at risk.  Strategies to combat social injustice from a micro-macro focus are emphasized.
Co-requisite: SOWK 3320, 3330, 4380.

4300 Special Topics in Social Work

Topics in various areas in social work and social service. May be repeated for credit.
Pre-requisite: Consent of instructor

4320 Seminar

Current topics in social work practice. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

4380 Social Work Research Methods

Introduction to social work research methods; emphasis on utilizing research to evaluate social work practice. Majors only. Non-majors by consent of instructor.
Co-requisite: SOWK 3330

4321 Field Practicum I

Field Practicum provides supervised experience in community social agencies in which students apply knowledge, values and ethical principles, and develop generalist social work practice skills.  Educational and professional supervision is provided by faculty and social workers in the agencies.  The course includes a three hour weekly seminar to provide integration of theory into practice based on field practicum experiences.
Pre-requisites:  Consent of field placement coordinator and completion of SOWK 2361, 2371, 3300, 3310, 3320, 3330, 3340, 3350, 3360, 4320, 4380.

4324 Field Practicum II

Continuation of SOWK 4321.
Pre-requisite: SOWK 4321 and consent of field placement coordinator.