How We Can Help You

Face-to-Face Consultations

These types of sessions are most common. Students will come to the Writing Center and sit with a consultant. To begin the session, you will be asked for the reasons for your visit, the assignment on which you are working, and your goals for the session. It is crucial for students to be able to verbalize these elements so we can best assist you.

A face-to-face session can address any step in the writing process and isn’t restricted to academic assignments. For example, if you are writing a scholarship essay, working on a website, or designing a resume, we can help you.

Face-to-face sessions are offered in 30-minute or 1-hour time slots. Additionally, we can accommodate groups working together on projects.

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Online Consultations

Lamar has a significant online student population as well as many students who commute. Therefore, the Writing Center wants to provide support to students who cannot physically come into the center.

Students interested in having an online session should have the following:

  • Computer with camera/speaker/headphones (optional)
  • A solid Internet connection
  • Skype or Facetime account (Please configure & test your speakers prior to the appointment.)
  • Questions about your assignment

To ensure a productive session, you must be at your computer for the entire session.

Follow these instructions:

  • Make an appointment online and specify that you would like an online session (the third option).
  • Email your Skype user name and assignment or document to at least ten minutes before your session start time.
  • Add LUWritingCenter to your Skype contact list or to your Facetime contact list.
  • Have your document open to reference and make adjustments.
  • Your consultant will initiate the video call and introduce him/herself.
  • The session will proceed as normal, so please make sure you are prepared.


The Writing Center periodically provides free workshops for Lamar's students. Students can visit the Facebook page to keep up with events. The workshop topics will continue to expand. Our consultants create each workshop based on common questions or problems they see in their sessions, and they work hard to make them as short and interesting as possible.

Faculty can request any workshop be presented in class through our Request a Workshop tab. Please feel free to also request a workshop on a specific topic, provided you give us two weeks to prepare.

See our list of current and previous workshops.