Dr. T. Thuy Minh Nguyen

Dr. T. Thuy Minh Nguyen
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Office: CH 121R
Ph. (409) 880-7262
Fax (409) 880-8270

Email: thi.nguyen@lamar.edu

Our group is interested in the role of sterols in the development of Cancer cells. Recent investigations in our laboratory have shown that mutations induced by exposure to ultra-violet radiation (UV) caused an increase in the amount of sterol found in the cellular membranes of a variety of cell types. Since UV is a known cancer agent, our hypothesis is that some types of sterol molecules help the formation of cancerous cell membranes. We therefore study the effect of changing the amount of sterol on cellular membrane structure through various means including site-directed mutagenesis, protein labelling, development of inhibitors, kinetics studies and analysis of cell membrane composition with GC, HPLC, IR and NMR.